Jul. 17, 2020

Hold On to Your Hats! God is on the Move!

Whew! A lot has happened since I last entered this site.

God has been so good to me. He has been my protector and my provider. He has been my teacher. He has been my doctor and my lawyer. He has been my mortician. He was H/R. He was the salespeople and the loan department. He was the apartment manager. He has been my friend as it has been a very lonely time as He continues to work on me. He brings me great joy and in the mix of all that is LIFE!

Where do I begin? How do I catch up on four years? I need to write a book. I would not do it any justice to try and even explain all that I have experienced over the years.

I can say I was sent home. It would take some time, but the divorce went through. Three weeks later he was married. Two weeks after that I lost my son.

God blessed me for my former employer rehired me. At times I was homeless having to live in a car that was paid for. I had plenty of friends and family, but I didn't want to put anyone out. I guess pride can get in the way, but I also respect their privacy and didn't want to stay somewhere without them being there.

God has allowed me to slowly rebuild my life. Search for meaning. Search for Him! I sought counseling immediately and it has been a tremendous help. The church we left when we went to Japan welcomed me with open arms. Toni, you know who you are, was so instramental in helping me stay sane. She always invited me to the church functions. My church family prayed for me.

God showed me He had alternate plans for my life. He never gives me all the information all at once because He knows I would not be able to handle it. It is given in pieces because I would balk and run or ask a ton of questions knowing I would not get the answers I wanted. First, through a community class, I began a women's Bible study. Me! The person who is not a fan of people. I love them, but at a distance. This is going on year three.

Then he tells me I will enter the ministry. "To do what?" I ask. I don't have an answer for that one. Of course, I'm questioning this one. He can't be right. This has to be wrong. I heard this incorrectly. It was that pizza! It would take five months for me to stop running and I finally told God, "I give! I'm tired of running". 

Two months later I decide to keep myself busy and start a Masters program which my employer approved of. The very next night, God told me to change my major to Masters of Divinity. Honestly, I don't even know what that is. I had to look it up. When I did, I asked God why so many religious classes? You do know my employer will not pay for this right? God sternly told me to call on Monday and have it changed. This was Saturday. On Monday I called and questioned if it was too late to change my major. They agreed to change it and agreed to pay for it. My jaw hit the floor. That was April 2018.

May/2018 the divorce was final. Even then he was giving mixed messages. Not my monkey. Not my circus. I miss him, but I realized a long time ago he was not ready for me. More on that on a different day.

June/2018 I lost my eldest. It tore me up and it took me awhile to deal with it. I am still dealing with it. I finally understand it when they used to say it is not natural to bury your child. So as I am having to deal with his arrangements and create a memorial service, I begin school. It is only then when it is revealed to me this is considered seminary. Can you say mind blown?

All I can say is God is so full of grace and mercy, all which I am so undeserving. I do not know the path He has me on, but I can say He reveals a little more when the time is right. Abba Father...words just can't describe. He is wonderful. I can't thank Him enough for all that he has done.

Fast forward to July/2020. It has been a strange year people. I pray you know who Jesus is and you have accepted him as your Lord and Savior. It seems we are living the Book of Revelation right before our very eyes. It is literally unfolding. The Coronavirus. The floods. The earthquakes. Just the weather as a whole. I believe we are going to have a very active hurricane season and I pray God proves me wrong. Satan and his imps are very busy and they are trying to take so many with him to hell. Stay woke! Be prepared! Prepare yourselves as the time draws near. All will have to account what they have done with their lives and for every word you have uttered. Every. Single. One.

I just wanted to encourage someone tonight. There are a lot of hurting and scared people. Christians need to unite and be the example. I pray for my city and even my immediate area every night. I pray for those in power as they will have to answer to God what they did and how they treated people, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. I will pray for each of you. Please talk to your Father in Heaven and let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Read your Bible. Pray. Fast. Repeat. Turn off the television and social media as much as you can. Tune in to the God channel. He has much He wants to tell you.

Thank you for supporting me. I pray I bless you as much as you do me.